1. Introduction
2. The Objective of the Project
3. Road Map
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Tokenomics


1. Introduction


Balkan Token (BALKAN) is a token on the Solana BlockChain that innovatives and joins investors in a common mission to represent The Future of Music Business. BALKAN will help us make a significant impact in the research, support and ongoing awareness of importance of music. We believe that by combining creativity, innovation, technology and crypto, will have a huge effect on music business transformation.


We will empower BALKAN holders to share their ideas and proposals, by organizing referendums and elections for community representatives. BALKAN continues evolve and will become a community-driven music blockchain society with a charitable mission and business enterprises that support BALKAN’s goals.


2. The Objective of the Project


Our main goal is to bring inovations in the Music Business industry, establish music awareness, encourage artist to enjoy creativity and nurture the young musicians of tomorrow. Before we achieve this great goal, we have a whole set of projects that we need to carry out. BALKAN is aiming to be The Future Crypto Voice of Music.


We at BALKAN will not rest until we have created a Music Platform which can be used as a robust and dynamic tool in the fight to maintain quality music for generations to come.


We will also develop an BALKAN Music Streaming Platform and BALKAN NFT Music Marketplace. Some of NFTs from BALKAN NFT Collection will be distribute for free to all who buy BALKAN Tokens in Presale. All other will be enable to purchase NFTs with tokens in order to support the development of BALKAN Environment.


By using cutting-edge technology, we are developing a global community and revenue streams to support our goal for BALKAN to become crypto that moves everyone. We are guided by the ethics of decentralization and democracy, with collaborative decision-making, transparency and community empowerment. Together, we can make a difference.


3. Road Map


3Q 2022 – BALKAN Token Launch. First BALKAN Marketing Campaign.
3Q 2023 – BALKAN Website Launch
4Q 2023 – BALKAN Presale


4. Marketing Strategy


Digital Advertisements – BALKAN ads will run on exchange platforms and other prominent spaces in the
crypto landscape to attract investors and raise BALKAN brand profile.


SEO Optimazation – Search engine optimization is increased through website strategies,
blog articles, comments and cros promotion with other projects.


Cross Promotion – Promoting BALKAN in AMA groups and social media.


5. Tokenomics


Total Supply
100,000,000 BALKAN


20% (20,000,000 BALKAN)


Presale Price
0.05$ = 1 BALKAN


Max BALKAN per User in Presale
1000$ = 20 000 BALKAN


Marketing Wallet
5% (5,000,000 BALKAN)


Developers Wallet
5% (5,000,000 BALKAN)


Website: https://balkantop100.com/
Social Media: X, Instagam, Facebook and YouTube
BALKAN Contract Address: https://solscan.io/token/UQpdKXgBa3W5bAKR6oQvCNwbbjeukwfXaqpsPSAb53U

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